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How to publish a book: the first steps

The road to book publishing

Where does the path to publishing begin? There are two options - either with familiar published authors, or with a bookstore.

In the first case, familiar writers, after reading your novel, will point you to a suitable publishing house and pay someone to write an essay tell you about its requirements and their own experience, and maybe even give you a recommendation for an editor.

In the second, on the racks of genre literature, you find the one to which your novel corresponds. And on the front of the book, look for the logo - which publisher the book came out in. And then there's the Internet and publishers' websites.

The first thing to look at is the publishers' requirements.

Publishers' sites usually have sections like "Authors," "Collaboration," and "We invite collaboration." And these sections outline the requirements that are important to follow when submitting a manuscript. And you can't get away with one file of a novel text and a short letter.

Why is it important to study the requirements? Every hut has its rattles, as we know. 🙂 One publisher only asks for the full text and synopsis. A second publisher asks for the first 50 pages of the novel, an autobiography, and an abstract. In a third - the synopsis, and the text of the novel - necessarily an archive and in a certain format. Again - the synopsis: writing papers for money one publisher will require a short synopsis - on the page, the second - expanded and even with a retelling of certain moments and your personal opinion, the third - something else will come up.

Particular attention should be paid to the requirements for the volume of the text. The volume is measured by the so-called "alks" - author's sheets. The volume of text, which is usually required by publishers, is as follows: from 10-12 a. l. (a. l. - author's page - is equal to 40 000 characters with spaces) to 18-20 a. l.

Note, the volume often depends on the series. For example, ironic detectives or love novels (pocket format) - from 7-8 a. l., realistic prose or fantasy (standard format) - from 12 a. l.

Even if you already have a manuscript, be sure to "try it on" in a series - publishers are more willing to take what fits into established patterns and is guaranteed to meet the interests of readers (read more about patterns and experiments in literary creativity).

And, of course, estimate the scope of your work. It may have to be shortened or supplemented to the right length.

Miss even one requirement - your application will not even be considered.

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