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Thesis Defense (Project Proposal)

Today there are global changes. Many innovations are "copied" from current European standards. Now even students can go to work or study abroad as part of the Student Exchange program. USA seeks to enter the international arena and establish itself as a highly skilled and developing country. Recently, the proposal program has become widespread and popular. It involves the defense of a thesis.

Project proposal features

The presentation of the text is not the only difference from the standard diploma. The final work in the Project proposal has a specific structure. Here is a standard version of the design and content of the graduation project in English. The volume of introduction should not exceed 1 page. The student needs to briefly and clearly reflect the relevance of the study , the main idea, personal point of view.

The introductory part also includes the following elements:

  • Short summary. This part creates an impression of the graduation project as a whole. It indicates the general characteristics of the topic, its features, key definitions and theses, problems, the purpose of the study, the degree of scientific elaboration. Often included is a historical essay on the topic.

  • Background. In this part, the student will have to explain why he chose this particular topic, confirm its relevance with facts. There should be more arguments here than personal hypotheses.

  • Formulation of the problem. This section should briefly and clearly define the main idea of the study.

  • The novelty of the work. Here the should tell how his research will be reflected in practice and in life in general. It is important that all thoughts and arguments are justified and reasoned.

The main body should contain:

  • Bibliography. Please note that in this part it is necessary to indicate only the main sources of literature. Project proposal does not accept an infinite list of used resources. It is important to indicate only the most significant ones, on which the diploma was actually built;

  • Methodological base. In this section, you can insert everything that was described in the diploma. Only quality translation matters;

  • Report on the results of the study. This part assumes either a brief description of the results obtained, or provide a full analysis and conclusions, arguments and arguments. The work will be appreciated, regardless of which of the options (short or full) you choose;

  • Output. This is one of the shortest sections of the Project proposal. Here it is necessary to reflect the results of the work in 1-2 paragraphs. It is recommended to highlight the initially set goals and objectives, key points and theses, and then note their achievement or refutation of the author's initially put forward theory.

Requirements for the structure and content of the thesis within the framework of the Project proposal may vary depending on the recommendations of the supervisor or educational institution. You can clarify them directly with the curator or at the department, in the dean's office.

Basic requirements for the diploma Project proposal

One of the key points is the presentation of the text in a strictly scientific style. It should be noted that in this case, the scientific style must meet all the requirements for this style abroad.

Writing a Project proposal diploma is generally not difficult, if we discard knowledge of the English language. It is enough to perform a qualitative study, and then shift the entire course of events. If the author himself does not speak English (at a high level), then it is better to resort to the help of a specialist translator or at least contact an English teacher. To make the translation process simple, try to express your thoughts in short sentences, and when writing the Project proposal, use clichés accepted in international practice.

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